30.10.2017 - 03.11.2017
03.07.2017-07.07.2017 10.07.2017-14.07.2017 16.10.2017-20.10.2017 23.10.2017-27.10.2017 03.11.2017 1 week
GOLD 1220-1230 1240-1250 1270-1280 1270 – 1280 1276.30 1270-1275
WTI OIL 42-43 45-46 47-48 53-54 54.80 54-55
EUR/USD 1.139-1.142 1.145-1.155 1.165-1.17 1.165 – 1.17 1.1654 1.17
USD/RUB 58.5-59.5 58.5-59.5 57.5-58 57.5-57.7 58.59 58.80-59
S&P 500 2430-2450 2440-2450 2530-2540 2530 – 2540 2577.68 2560-2570

Analytical reviews of financial instruments

GOLD Meaning:1276.30

Gold reached a support level of 1270 and continued its movement upward not reaching the forecasted level. Currently Gold has reached the upper border of the downward channel and therefore could retrace to the previous support level of 1270. The weakening of Gold agrees with the stronger US Dollar.

WTI OIL Meaning:54.80

Crude Oil reached the forecasted level of 53 USD and continued its path towards reaching the upper border of the upward channel. Short term outlook for Crude Oil is to retrace back to 54 USD where it might see some resistance. Relatively stable and slowly growing Crude Oil price can be attributed to the OPEC’s successful attempts to limit the oil production.

EUR/USD Meaning:1.1654

Eurodollar decreased to the support level of 1.16 and slightly rose in value continuing the upward channel. Short term outlook for the EURUSD is to reach to the level of 1.17 and possibly see some resistance.

USD/RUB Meaning:58.59

After passing the previously forecasted level, USDRUB has also left the horizontal channel and continues an upward movement. Short term forecast for USDRUB is to reach the level of 58.80 – 59.00 where it might see some resistance. The bullish forecast of this currency pair agrees with the strengthening of the USD.

S&P 500 Meaning:2577.68

S&P500 has left the upward channel and, after passing the forecasted value, reached a new all-time high. Since then, S&P500 has slightly retraced and might reach a level of 2560 – 2570.


18 Jul 2017
Dollar languishes at 10-month low

Dollar languishes at 10-month low, kiwi tumbles after soft inflation

18 Jul 2017
Republicans divided after second healthcare bill collapses

Republicans divided after second healthcare bill collapses

23 May 2017
Bitcoin rally keeps going; tops $2,200

Bitcoin cleared the $2,200-level for the first time on Tuesday to hit yet another all-time high, as a monster rally continues amid bullish noises around the future of the cryptocurrency.

23 May 2017
Oil declines ahead of API stockpile data as OPEC prepares to meet

Oil prices edged lower in North American trading on Tuesday, as investors looked ahead to weekly data from the U.S. on stockpiles of crude and refined products.

19 May 2017
Dollar lower as yen gains on Brazilian crisis

The dollar edged lower Friday after a modest recovery overnight as the political upheaval surrounding the White House continued to weigh.

19 May 2017
Wall Street rebounds after steepest selloff in months

Wall Street rebounded on Thursday from its biggest selloff in more than eight months with help from a move to loosen internet regulations and strong economic data.

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