15.01.2018 - 19.01.2018
18.12.2017-22.12.2017 25.12.2017-29.12.2017 01.01.2018-05.01.2018 08.01.2018-12.01.2018 05.01.2018 1 week
GOLD 1265-1275 1275-1285 1305-1315 1320-1330 1343.50 1345-1355
WTI OIL 56-57 58.50-57.70 60.5-61.5 62.5-63.5 64.23 65-66
EUR/USD 1.185-1.19 1.18-1.19 1.20-1.21 1.20-1205 1.2287 1.235-1.237
USD/RUB 58.5-58.8 57.50-57.70 58-58.2 56.8-57.2 56.49 56-56.40
S&P 500 2675-2680 2690-2700 2700-2710 2760-2780 2792.25 2780-2800

Analytical reviews of financial instruments

GOLD Meaning:1343.5

Gold has strongly appreciated upon the rally of Eurodollar and after reaching the forecasted level has approached the higher border of the current channel. If it manages to surpass this level, short term outlook for the Gold is to reach 1345 – 1355 USD. Such outlook for the Gold price would agree with a long-term depreciation of the US Dollar.

WTI OIL Meaning:64.23

Crude Oil continued an uptrend and after reaching the forecasted level, it surpassed the upward border of the current channel. A short term outlook for the commodity is to continue the current trend and reach 65.00 – 66.00 USD with a possible retest of the border. Crude Oil might see some difficulties to appreciate further due to the forecasted growing supply from non-OPEC members in 2018.

EUR/USD Meaning:1.2287

Eurodollar is continuing the upward trend without looking back and after reaching the forecasted level, has reached a three-year high. Short term outlook for the EURUSD is to continue the uptrend and possibly reach the level of 1.235 – 1.237. The currency pair may see a possible resistance at 1.23.

USD/RUB Meaning:56.49

As forecasted, USDRUB continued a downward movement and after reaching the forecasted level is approaching a psychological level of 56.00. Short term forecast is to reach a level of 56.00 – 56.40 and to start a new uptrend. Current appreciation of the Russian Ruble may be explained by the higher prices of the Crude Oil.

S&P 500 Meaning:2792.25

S&P500 is moving along a strong upward channel. After exiting the upward channel, it experienced a sharp upward movement. The index reached the forecasted level along with new all-time highs. The short term outlook for the index is to reach another all-time high level at 2800 USD.


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